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Icertis Healthcare Day

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Join us for Icertis Healthcare Day, where we’re bringing together the world’s leading minds from the pharmaceutical, medical device, payer, and provider sectors to reimagine the future of healthcare, together.

We will discuss, debate, and decide how contract intelligence combined with key technologies and services can surface new insights to drive operational agility for healthcare organizations.

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Note: Don't have 3 hours to spare?  Registrants can view or replay any of the seven sessions on-demand at their leisure immediately following the broadcast.

Meeting of the Minds: Healthcare Panel Discussion 

How to Surface New Insights with AI and Contract Intelligence

In this roundtable discussion, we will explore how technology solutions, like contract lifecycle management, the cloud, and artificial intelligence are surfacing new insights for healthcare organizations and helping to drive compliance under today’s strict regulatory environment. We will look back at how the market disruptions from 2020 impacted the healthcare industry and look ahead at what goals leading healthcare organizations are setting for themselves for 2021. We will also examine how innovations in technology are empowering healthcare leaders to make better decisions and build operational agility. 

Pharmaceutical Breakout Session

Envisioning the Future of Digital Clinical Trials & Pharmaceutical Operations

The onset of COVID-19 has spurred a surge of clinical trials at pharmaceutical companies as organizations race to find a cure. Although pharamceutical companies have digitized certain processes, many are struggling to keep pace with the budget, regulatory, and logistical challenges that frequently stall operations.

As pressure mounts, pharmaceutical companies must find ways to overcome complexities and leverage technology to innovate the clinical trial experience.

This session will envision what the future for digital clinical trials and pharmaceutical operations looks like, including onboarding and developing new partnerships, mitigating risks, and employing new technologies to better analyze clinical trials data.

Provider Breakout Session 

5 Emerging Technology Trends for Reimagining the Patient Experience

In this breakout session, we reimagine what the future of the patient experience looks like. Specifically, we will discuss five key technology trends that can build operational efficiencies to deliver greater patient satisfaction. From accelerating acquisition, enrollment, service, and innovation to surfacing more personalized insights, technology is transforming your ability to deliver patient-centric care. In this session, attendees will learn about key provider technology innovations in the areas of:

- Patient Engagement & Care Management Coordination

- Contract Management

- Financial Management 

- Supply Operations 

- AI

Payer Breakout Session
How Technology Can Unlock Value Across the Health Payer Value Chain

Today’s healthcare payers operate in an ever-changing, complex regulatory and commercial environment. The marketplace is continually disrupted by news of acquisitions, mergers and emerging players. At the same time, regulatory uncertainty has created huge challenges. If left unaddressed, these challenges can lead to legal liability, leakage in the form of incorrect billing or reimbursement, and poor provider experiences. Embracing new technologies to digitally transform an entire enterprise can make companies more resilient in the face of these regulatory and competitive challenges. In this breakout session, we will examine some of these digital technologies, including contract management, and look at the ROI they can deliver for payers.

Medical Device Breakout Session

The Digital Transformation of the Medical Device Industry

The Medical Device industry is changing dramatically. It is experiencing rapid business growth, pressure from competitors, newer regulatory guidelines and market disruptions that are demanding organization-wide transformation initiatives. To focus on driving operational agility and improving patient outcomes, these organizations must adopt new digital channels, make data driven decisions, and implement intelligent design. They must also explore new manufacturing and supply chain processes that accelerate product development, reduce costs, and provide better customer value.

In this session, attendees will discover the latest Medical Device digital innovations that will help the industry to meet the expectations of their customers, reduce risk across value chain, and improve operational efficiencies in WORLD 2.0 and beyond.

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